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Loop Industries is a leader in the sustainable plastic revolution, supporting the global shift to a circular economy. Since its inception in 2015, Loop has created a revolutionary technology that positions it to drive a fundamental transformation in sustainability, by helping consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers rethink how plastic is produced and re-used.

Most PET plastic and polyester fiber used worldwide is produced from fossil fuels and annually $80 to $100 billion worth of it is thrown out after being used only once. Loop can address such problems at cost (and production) efficient commercial scale, while diverting plastic away from oceans and landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing dependence on crude oil. Importantly, Loop’s technology is helping partner brands reach their sustainability goals and circular ambitions.

Loop’s innovative depolymerization technology up-cycles highest purity plastic from waste feedstocks, such as polyester fibers from carpets and clothing, colored plastic and opaque plastic. Its patented low-energy process breaks down waste plastic into its base monomers (individual molecules) which are Monoethylene glycol ("MEG") and Dimethyl Terephthalate ("DMT"). Using low heat and no pressure, the monomers are purified, removing all solid waste and contaminants such as coloring, additives and organic or inorganic impurities. The purified DMT and MEG are polymerized into Loop™ branded virgin-quality PET resin that is suitable for use in food-grade packaging.

Loop has developed an Innovation Hub and pilot plant located in Terrebonne, Quebec. The pilot plant was built to optimize and demonstrate Loop’s proprietary depolymerization technology, and demonstrate continuous operations in preparation for its ramp-up to large scale commercialization.

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