Corporate Overview


Loop™ Industries is a leader in the sustainable plastic revolution, supporting the global shift to a circular economy. Since inception in 2015 , Loop has created a revolutionary technology that positions the Company to drive a fundamental transformation in sustainability by helping consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers rethink how plastic is produced and re-used. and recycled and unleashing unlimited packaging and design innovation.

Most PET plastic used worldwide is commonly produced from fossil fuels and annually $80 to $100 billion of it is thrown out after being used only once. Loop is the only company in the world that can address such problems at cost- and production-efficient commercial scale while diverting plastic from oceans and landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing dependence on crude oil. Importantly, Loop™ technology is helping partner brands reach their internal sustainability goals and circular ambitions.

Loop™ innovative depolymerization technology up-cycles highest purity plastic from waste plastic feedstocks such as polyester fibers from carpets and clothing, colored plastic and opaque plastic. Its patented zero-energy process breaks down waste plastic into its monomers (individual molecules) which are mono ethylene glycol ("MEG") and dimethyl terephthalate ("DMT"). Without using heat or pressure, the monomers are purified, removing all solid waste and contaminants such as coloring, additives and organic or inorganic impurities. The purified DMT and MEG are repolymerized into Loop™ branded virgin quality PET plastic that meets FDA requirements for food-grade packaging.

To date Loop has developed an Innovation Hub and pilot plant located in Terrebonne. The pilot plant was built to optimize and demonstrate Loop™ unique proprietary depolymerization technology, and will be expanded to increase capacity and demonstrate continuous operations in preparation for the Company's ramp-up to large scale commercialization. To date, the company has raised over $20 million by founders and initial investors and recently made additions to its leadership team, adding experienced management and expanding its accomplished Board of Directors. Since inception, substantial value has already been created through de-risking actions that have built a solid foundation for future business development and growth.

Why invest in Loop Industries?

  • We are first to market with disruptive zero-energy technology that up-cycles even the lowest quality PET plastic and polyester fibers into high purity Loop™ PET that meets the FDA requirements for use in food grade plastics.
  • We are positioned to disrupt traditional plastic manufacturing globally by bringing plastic production into the circular economy and helping consumer goods companies rethink how plastic is produced and re-used.
  • We address a huge market opportunity in need of a solution to reduce domination by the fossil fuel industry and address burgeoning demand for sustainable manufacturing and production.
  • Substantial Company value has been created to date through de-risking actions and our unparalleled customer value proposition.
  • Our partnering strategy with industry leaders provides a clear pathway to commercialization while helping consumer companies and organizations reach their sustainability goals and initiatives.
  • Capital efficiency and reduced execution risk is the result of our high margin, capital-light technology licensing model and business scalability.
  • Our business has attractive business economics and well-defined growth and value creation strategies.
  • Our leadership team and Board of Directors hold deep industry experience.