We are creating a sustainable future, right now.

Our technology drastically reduces environmental impact.

An independent Life Cycle Impact study on PET production using Loop’s technology versus the traditional manufacturing of virgin plastic made from fossil fuels demonstrates that our technology has:

63% less impact with respect to Global Warming
79% less impact w.r.t. Ozone Depletion
88% less impact w.r.t. Smog
86% less impact w.r.t. Solid Waste
97% less impact w.r.t. Non-cancer-related toxicity
85% less impact w.r.t. Ecosystem Toxicity
88% less impact w.r.t. Acidification
80% less impact w.r.t. Non-renewable energy demand
92% less impact w.r.t. Eutrophication
83% less impact w.r.t. Respiratory effects


If things don't change,
by 2050


Plastic Production

(compared to 2014)


Ratio of plastic to fish in the ocean (*by weight)


Plastics' share of global oil consumption

Source Ellen MacArthur

Loop Industries is shaping a better future

By diverting
plastic from oceans and

By reducing
greenhouse gas

By reducing
dependence on
crude oil

Reaching and exceeding UN sustainable development goals

Our technology is helping partner brands reach and exceed sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. We foster:

Join the revolution and help end the water crisis.


Loop envelope



Months of safe water

Each time you mail back your used Pods, Loop Industries will donate 100% of the proceeds to Water.org to help provide 11 months of safe water for one person in the developing world.

Loop Industries and Drinkfinity partnering in the sustainable plastic revolution

We need your help to make this revolution a success. Please take advantage of the mail back program developed by Loop Industries for Drinkfinity. Once you have consumed your pods, put them into the postage paid envelope available upon request with your Drinkfinity purchase. Once your envelope arrives at Loop Industries, we will handle the rest.