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Using our proprietary, revolutionary technology, Loop Industries takes waste PET plastic and polyester fiber — which cannot be conventionally recycled — and turns them into high value materials. In the process, we’re making the dream of a sustainable, circular economy more of a reality every day.

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The issues surrounding plastic waste impact us all — and threaten the future of our planet.

At Loop Industries, we’re upending the status quo with revolutionary technology that transforms PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and polyester fiber waste into high-purity, virgin-quality PET resin that can be used again and again.

Traditional Linear Economy

Traditional Linear Economy Traditional Linear Economy

Today, 95%* of plastic packaging is used only once, and its value is lost to a wasteful, linear economy.

*Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Rethinking the Future of Plastic

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Witness how Loop’s technology can create infinite lives for PET plastic and polyester fiber.

Decarbonizing The Plastic Industry

The Plastic Industry

While the established plastics industry is reliant on finite amounts of fossil fuels — which make up more than 90%* of its feedstock — our technology allows us to create monomers from waste instead. This is a true game changer as we (and our partners) seek to reduce our dependence on carbon, and eventually, create a carbon-free economy.

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*Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The New Plastics Economy

Infinite Loop™

Infinite Loop™
the Future of PET Manufacturing

As consumers and brands demand more environmentally-conscious products and packaging, we’re proud to bring to market a fully-integrated manufacturing solution to produce PET plastic and polyester fiber made from 100% recycled content. Infinite Loop™ is poised to help change the way the world sees, uses and reuses PET plastic and polyester fiber.

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