About Us

We are an innovation technology company, creating a sustainable future for plastic.

Loop™ Industries is an innovation technology company. We have created a revolutionary process that decouples plastic from fossil fuels, breaking down waste PET plastic to its base building blocks. These are combined to create virgin-quality PET plastic that can be used in for food-grade plastic packaging.
At this time, we are the only company in the world that can depolymerize all forms of waste PET plastic with zero energy input and use these products to create virgin-quality PET plastic. What is waste to others is precious feedstock to us.

“The true importance of Loop™ Industries’ technology is to accelerate the world’s shift toward sustainable plastic and away from our dependence on fossil fuels.”

It all started in a garage.

Like all classic innovation technology start-ups, Loop™ Industries started in a garage. Our founder, Daniel Solomita, was working on a landfill restitution project in South Carolina, extracting 40,000 tons of waste plastic. While taking steps to re-sell the extracted plastic, he met a chemist in Quebec who was in the early stages of developing a breakthrough technology to upcycle waste plastic into virgin-quality PET plastic. For two years, they worked out of Daniel's garage, perfecting the technology and developing its commercial potential. The result was the launch of Loop™ Industries in 2015.