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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1:

    What does Loop Industries do?

    To keep it simple, our technology drastically reduces the environmental impact caused by PET plastic waste. Using our patented technology, we break down low-value, conventionally unrecyclable PET plastic and polyester fiber — and upcycle them into new, virgin-quality resin that can be used again and again.

  • Q2:

    Can you create PET plastic out of any PET plastic and polyester fiber waste?

    Yes. Our technology allows us to use a wide array of materials that traditional methods cannot recycle as efficiently, or recycle at all.

  • Q3:

    Who are some of your clients?

    As consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions from brands they trust, large consumer goods brands are turning to Loop to supply them with PET resin made from 100% recycled content – our technology helps them meet their sustainability targets and consumer demands.

  • Q4:

    Is Loop’s technology environmentally-friendly?

    Not only does our technology significantly reduce plastic and polyester waste, it also functions at low temperatures with no added pressure, and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As we use waste PET plastic and polyester fiber as feedstock, we remove fossil fuels from the process of making PET resin and polyester altogether.

  • Q5:

    How do you source waste PET plastic and polyester fiber?

    We use waste PET plastic and polyester fiber as feedstock. We source this feedstock from a wide range of suppliers, including waste from mechanical recyclers, thermoforms, apparel and textile manufacturers and carpet manufacturers, as well as waste management companies.

  • Q6:

    How is Loop commercializing its technology?

    We are bringing our proprietary technology to market as Infinite Loop™, a fully-integrated, greenfield manufacturing facility solution that combines our chemical depolymerization technology with a polymerization technology to meet growing customer demand for sustainable Loop™ PET resin.

  • Q7:

    How can i get in touch with Loop Industries?

    You can connect with us by email at [email protected], or call us at +1 450-951-8555.