Asked Questions

What does Loop™ do?

No. We up-cycle. We break waste plastic down into its base building blocks to create new, virgin-quality PET plastic, with zero energy input. We are currently the only company in the world using this patented technology.

Yes, even types of plastic that can’t be traditionally recycled.

Very. While it significantly reduces waste, it also functions without heat or pressure, requiring zero energy input and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And because we use waste PET plastic as feedstock rather than crude oil, we remove fossil fuels from the process altogether.

We use waste PET plastic as feedstock. We rely on communities and companies that collect waste plastic, rather than simply disposing of it in landfills or elsewhere. That waste plastic is delivered directly to Loop™ for processing.

Forward-thinking companies are looking to include more recycled plastic in their packaging. Because Loop™-branded PET is of such high quality, we allow them to do that. So packagers who want to experiment with colors, shapes and more, while still using a high degree of re-used plastic, can do so for the first time.