Asked Questions

We up-cycle. Using our patented technology, we break down waste PET plastic and polyester fiber down to their base building blocks to create new, virgin-quality Loop™ branded PET resin and polyester fiber made of 100% recycled content, with low energy input.

Our technology provides the ability to use a wide array of feedstocks that others cannot recycle as efficiently, or recycle at all.

While our process significantly reduces waste, it also functions at low temperatures with no pressure, and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As we use waste PET plastic and polyester fiber as feedstock, we remove fossil fuels from the process of making PET resin and polyester altogether.

We use waste PET plastic and polyester fiber as feedstock. We source our feedstock from a wide range of sources, including waste from mechanical recyclers, thermoformers, apparel and textile manufacturers and carpet manufacturers, as well as waste management companies.

Forward-thinking companies are looking to include more recycled plastic into their packaging. Because Loop can handle materials of all colours and shapes, packagers who want to experiment with their product, while still using a high degree of recycled plastic, can do so for the first time.