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Now, let’s get into the science

Loop’s depolymerization technology breaks down previously unrecyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and polyester fiber waste into their base building blocks, dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and monoethylene glycol (MEG), using low heat and no added pressure.

DMT and MEG Monomers

These DMT and MEG monomers are then purified and polymerized (or re-combined) into Loop™ branded PET plastic and polyester fiber. The end product is made from 100% recycled content.

>Loop™ branded PET

Loop™ branded PET is high purity, virgin-quality plastic which is suitable for use in food-grade packaging — like the kind used to make water bottles.

How it Works

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    Preparing and loading the PET waste

    Contaminated PET and polyester fiber of different types from various supply sources are prepared and placed into our depolymerization reactors.

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    Depolymerizing the PET

    Our proprietary catalyst is added into the reactors. Through agitation, our low-energy process targets the PET and breaks it down into its base monomers (or building blocks), DMT and MEG.

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    Removing impurities

    The monomers are isolated and purified to remove contaminants like dyes, additives and other impurities.

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    Recombining the pure monomers to create new PET

    The DMT and MEG are then polymerized into Loop™ branded PET resin and fiber made from 100% recycled content, suitable for use in food-grade packaging.

Here is a PET molecule

Watch how our advanced technology breaks it down and then rebuilds it.

The Loop Difference

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    High Purity

    The Loop™ PET resin produced by our technology is virgin-quality and suitable for use in food-grade packaging, which must stand up to the most rigorous safety standards.

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    Infinitely Recyclable

    Our technological process (breaking down the PET polymers, purifying, then recombining the resulting monomers) can be repeated over and over again, with no degradation of purity or quality.

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    Recycling The Unrecyclable

    We use the waste that traditional recycling methods can’t handle. Without our technology, this waste plastic and polyester fiber would end up in landfills and oceans.

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    Low-energy Output

    Our advanced technology uses low heat and no added pressure for enhanced recycling that’s kinder to the planet. That’s sustainable science at its best.

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    Unleashing Packaging Innovation

    Because our technology allows us to eliminate all contaminates, dyes and other additives, brands can create vibrant colors for packaging and labels without sacrificing recyclability.

Are you ready to transition your brand or packaging over to 100% recycled Loop™ PET plastic and polyester fiber?

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