Innovation - Curiosity - Rigor - Disruption - Sustainability.

At Loop, everything we do is aimed at making the world a better place.

Our revolutionary technology is fueled by a team of dedicated, diverse professionals who are united in pursuit of a single purpose: closing the loop on plastic waste. As our business continues to grow, we are looking for dynamic, curious people who share our values, our innovative spirit and a dedication to disrupting the status quo.

Available Positions
Available Positions

As an employer, Loop Industries offers:

  • A real opportunity to make a difference
  • The support of a strong team to help you grow
  • An engaging work environment
  • Bright and modern office spaces
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • …and much more!

Employee Testimonials

Pedro Marcano

Senior Process Engineer

It is rewarding to work at an environmentally minded company like Loop, especially as we are working to help remediate the current global environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution and waste. As a young company, Loop Industries is innovative and focused on continuous improvement through research and development - this offers us as employees the opportunity to learn and truly be a part of Loop’s growth

Sophie Nguyen

Development Scientist

One of Loop’s important qualities is the diversity of its team: people with different backgrounds, cultures, education, and professional experiences are represented across the business. This openness to diversity immediately attracted me when I arrived, and it seems to be part of the company’s DNA, becoming more and more alive as the team grows. This diversity nurtures a remarkable wealth of ideas, innovations, and solutions to challenges and opportunities.